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Coach Pete Hartin

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Hey Ya'll , I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your interest in being coached by me. I am truly thrilled to embark on a journey that requires a level of commitment that most are not willing to undertake. Allow me to share a little bit about myself and the path that led me here.
My name is Peter Hartin, and at 29 years old, I am grateful to have an amazing wife named Nancy. We have been married for 8 wonderful years, and together we are blessed with two incredible boys, Aisten (7) and Theon (5). We call Texas our home, where we have resided for the past 5 years.
Before I ventured into the world of coaching, I served in the Army Infantry for 3.5 years. Following my time in the Army, I pursued a career in Law Enforcement, which I continue to dedicate myself to as a full-time Police Officer. However, my passion for coaching and helping others succeed has always burned brightly within me. Thus, I made a decision to make time for it on a daily basis while continuing to serve as a Police Officer.
Sports have played a significant role in my life since childhood. I was heavily involved in baseball throughout my formative years and into high school. Additionally, I competed at a highly competitive level in Motocross racing, which provided me with valuable lessons in discipline and perseverance.
At the age of 17, I joined my first gym and discovered my love for training. Although I was initially unaware of proper techniques, I relished every moment spent there. When I turned 19, I entered my first bodybuilding show without the guidance of a coach. Despite my lack of knowledge, I managed to present a commendable physique for a young individual. However, it became evident that I needed proper guidance and expertise to truly excel.
Thus began my journey in powerlifting, where I competed for 7 years at a competitive level. During this time, I not only honed my strength but also developed a deep understanding of strength training and biomechanics. But as someone who is constantly seeking growth and new challenges, I decided to reenter the world of bodybuilding, this time under the guidance of a coach, with the ultimate goal of earning my IFBB status.
Over the past 3 years, I have competed in 6 shows, including 3 regional and 3 national competitions. I am proud to have won 2 of those shows and achieved top 3 placement in my last Pro qualifier, the Jr. Nationals. Throughout this journey, I have gleaned invaluable knowledge from my former coaches and fellow athletes, continually expanding my expertise in the industry. Furthermore, I am a NASM Personal Trainer certified and consistently pursue ongoing education through research and various additional courses.
Fitness and bodybuilding are not just my areas of expertise, but they are integral parts of my life. I have embraced this lifestyle for an extensive period, and there is no task I ask of my clients that I have not already conquered myself. I am fully committed to embarking on this journey with each and every one of you, supporting you in crushing your goals and celebrating your progress. Your achievements mean more to me than my own.
If you choose Iron Hart Training, I extend my deepest gratitude in advance. Together, we will work tirelessly to achieve greatness. Remember, progress is our steadfast companion, and we will keep moving forward, exceeding our own expectations along the way. LET'S KEEP MOVING!!!

Thank you for considering Iron Hart Training.

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